Vintage Trends In Interior Designs

Interior designers always search for aesthetically pleasing plans to create a relaxing, simple, and attractive home. Traditional vintage trends meet all of these criteria. Vintage trends feature honesty, detail, and craftsmanship in their creations. Several interior design trends have come and gone in the past two decades. The vintage design, however, remains constant. People have always admired its simplicity, so now it is more appreciated than ever before. 

In this period amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, people are becoming more fascinated by trends that can give the essence of nostalgia. As a result of this pandemic, there is also a growing demand for more relaxing homes, a kind of sanctuary for our hectic lives. A vintage-inspired design is reminiscent of the past, making it ideal for implementation in this era. Vintage design is an excellent way to capitalize on familiarity for users. Users can find serenity and relaxation while experiencing the vintage trends and look back fondly on their memories of it.

Vintage fashion is unique and rare, as well as being able to be adapted and customized. If we look closely, we can find vintage designs all around us. We can also create our vintage trend by recycling older elements giving a contemporary touch. The first thing we should do is find out what are the current vintage trends that are becoming increasingly popular. If you know this, you can customize your vintage furniture to make it look trendy and beautiful. Essentially, this article will help you customize your home. Here, we will discuss the latest vintage trends coming into vogue that are useful when decorating your home.

Vintage Trends for Interior Design in 2021

As the seasons and years change, so do interior design trends. However, people should always put special consideration into interior design trends to make their home stylish and comfortable at the same time. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, the year 2021 has been a roller coaster ride. Many people have begun to adjust to the “new normal” trends. Likewise, interior design trends have changed significantly from previous years. Vintage trends, for example, are more prevalent now than they were in previous years. So let’s find out the most recent vintage trends of 2021 without delay.

Bohemian Touch

Bohemian home decor as vintage trend
Picture Credit: DECOR BAZAAR

We’re sure you’ve come across bohemian design at some point. Colorful, patterned, multi-cultural Bohemian designs combine layers and elements of different cultures in a unique way. Because they are so unique, they never fail to catch the eye. The term bohemian describes a person who is unconventional socially and is often involved in the arts. Because of this, it is a wonderful option for an interior design with rich visual interest and a relaxed vibe. It is generally inspired by those who lead a free-spirited, norm-defying life, such as travelers, writers, or artists.

You may wonder what makes the boho style so unique and viable? It is because a bohemian design embraces all kinds of uniqueness to create a highly unconventional aesthetic. You can make your cozy spaces even more unique by including artistic accessories. Include unusual and edgy pieces that are out of the ordinary in your home. Botanicals are perfect to complement the bohemian style. They are an easy and affordable way to add dimension to a room and create a relaxing vibe.

Wicker Furniture Decor

Wicker Furniture
Picture Credit: Pinterest

Historically, wicker furniture has been made since ancient Egypt, which dates nearly 5000 years back. Victorian furniture ultimately incorporated wicker into it until the 1930s. A brief revival occurred in the 1960s and 1970s, but today it is on the rise again. The natural material Wicker is seeing a revival due to its sustainability and ability to go with varieties of decor. Today, the trend extends beyond outdoor furniture. You can use it in any space as it’s versatile, durable, and can bring it to the next level.

Wicker furniture stands out on an aesthetically pleasing level. Nonetheless, it doesn’t add undue visual weight to your space. It gives your space a more natural feel, bringing elements of nature into your home. In addition to making your space more trendy, it will look more rooted in the natural world. With natural materials like linen and jute, wicker furniture looks excellent with a variety of indoor plants. Besides Rattan, cane and bamboo are also classic favorites. Make your vintage style outshine among the others by choosing your wicker trend wisely.

Vintage Macramé Charm

Vintage Macramé Charm
Picture Credit: Pinterest

Macrame’s popularity peaked in the 80s, then faded away over time. Macramé is a form of textile-making that’s created by hand-tying knots rather than knitting or weaving with needles. For long periods, macramé, the weaving of threads to create textiles, was undervalued. Despite its antiquity, macramé design is regaining its popularity today. The handmade appearance of macramé instantly adds an earthy accent to any space. A tempered touch can instantly warm up any space, giving it a textural quality. When used in excess, it may appear bohemian.

Macrame wall hangings and plant holders are easy DIY projects to add texture to a room. Even though macramé is the millennial DIY of the moment, it dates back centuries. The design is very easy to master, and comes together very quickly, adding warmth to any space. Even though it looks complex, this is a simple and fun activity for your breaks. It’s hard to stop once you start on this satisfying craft. 


These are just a few vintage trends that are coming back in vogue recently. But there are endless numbers of vintage trends still left which you can try. Vintage styles will give uniqueness in many forms. We will briefly discuss more of such vintage trends to follow up for your home interior design.

  • A vintage touch on room dividers, for example, will transform the whole look of the room. The trend recently has been for room dividers with organic, curvy shapes. 
  • In recent years, interest in house plants has grown, particularly spider plants and ferns. Houseplants fill the home with oxygen and are very popular in design today. It not only accentuates but also helps purify the air.
  • Luxury homes of the 1970s often featured conversation pits. The conversation pits are squares in the middle that are filled with couches. The trend is returning. It seems that people are once again using conversation pits for a cozy but social ambiance. 
  • Today, floral patterns in furniture are making a major comeback and are considered fresh and modern. Floral wallpaper might be the biggest “vintage” statement you can make in 2021. Adding geometric patterns, metallics, botanicals, and more to an accent wall can add some serious dimension to your home. 

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