BPC Modular Wardrobes


Dream Away and sleep like a baby with our comfortable bed designs. Store and organize your personal items with ease and care with our modern and multi-functional wardrobe solutions. From your trinkets to your trousseau, nothing will be misplaced again.

Pick and choose

Serene, calming, comfortable… these words probably describe an ideal bedroom. With crazy lifestyle, hectic work schedules you surely want an oasis where you can relax and rejuvenate at the end of the day. Whether you have a big bedroom or small, modern or contemporary, we can create a perfect bed and wardrobes for your bedroom to make it a sea of tranquility while giving you ample space to store your heirloom sarees and those fancy clutches.

Add Spice To Life With Our Beautiful Kitchen Designs And Quirky Color Combinations. Optimum Utilization Of Space Modern Hi-Tech Accessories, Chic Colors & Finishes Are Trendy Cooking Appliances Will Make You Fall In Love With Cooking At Home. We Bet You Would Prefer Cooking At Home And Never Order In Again.


Perfection and quality at every step

All our interior solutions are conveĀ¬nient to order online or offline and easy to get delivered and installed. Our team of experts will offer you guidance from selecting the best style and look to offering tips on choosing the ideal solution for the specific space and within your budget. Nothing can go wrong with WelFurn!

Looking for new home interiors? BPC is equipped with the best engineering and largest factories to deliver beautiful home interiors

Our processes and designs will save you time and money,
Our engineering will give you great finishes