Why is your bedroom the most important space in the house?

After a long and tiring day, all that everyone looks for is a good night’s rest. Did you know that an average human being spends one-third of their life sleeping? This means that more than one-third of our life is spent in our bedrooms. We often overlook how much our sleep and bedrooms help determine the rest of our day. At the end of each day, bedrooms are like the charging point for us to recharge, rest, and recuperate. For a space that plays a very essential role in our daily lives, we put surprisingly less thought in choosing specific décor and complementary aesthetics. Here are a few tips that could change the outlook of your bedroom.

  1. Keep it simple

    We often tend to overcrowd a lot of our living spaces because we just cannot decide what does and does not belong. While we can get away sometimes with overcrowding in some of our spaces, the bedroom is an absolute no-no! Excessive furniture and other embellishments could reduce the space in your bedroom and also indirectly impact the quality of your sleep and in some severe cases, it may even lead to sleeping problems. Always choose to keep very minimal and indispensable furniture in your bedroom.
  1. Clean it, now!

    It’s easy to love that chair that holds most of our laundry while we are lying down on our beds. A real challenge is to keep our bedrooms neat and tidy while having a permanent place for all of our belongings. Cluttered bedrooms could affect our concentration, anxiety level, and sleep patterns. A clean bedroom helps in keeping you calm and greatly improves the quality of sleep. Maintain your bedrooms like you could always flaunt them.
  1. Choose the right bed and bedding.

    As much as we enjoy snuggling and sleeping alone on a king size bed, consider the size of your room before you choose the size of your bed. Choosing the correct size of a bed could also help reduce the chances of gathering more clutter on your bed. A bed must only be associated as a place to sleep and rest. Hence choosing the right size plays a vital role.Another important choice to make is the kind of mattress to be used. The kind of mattress that suits you depends on the way you sleep. A person that sleeps on their back would require a firm mattress, while a person that sleeps on their side would require a soft foam mattress. Do your research and select what suits you the best. The right mattresses could entirely change your sleep and the way that your body rests.
  1. Colour, colour which color would you choose?

    Not only does the colour of your bedroom affect the outlook of it but it also plays a huge role in influencing your mood and the time it could take for you to fall asleep. The key is to always go with simple and elegant colour themes. Bright and flashy colours can be an eyesore and could reduce the elegance of your room. A good choice would be to select neutral colours, pastel shades, and warm tones.
  1. Good lights, good life.

    Whether you’re trying to read a bedtime book, take a selfie, or fall asleep, lighting is everything! Your bedroom needs to be able to accommodate multiple lighting preferences and also have enough natural light. Dim lights could help you sleep better while bright lights could help while you are finishing off other tasks. Lights could also help induce sleep. Choose your lighting according to your chores.
  1. Choose your materials wisely.

    Whether you choose silky smooth or cotton soft, material means comfort. Having natural fabric that feels soft and doesn’t react badly with your skin is the most quintessential factor. You don’t need fabric that gets stuck to you or gives you an itchy feeling while you’re trying to get some good sleep. The most common choices for fabric for bedding are silk and cotton. Silk gives a luxurious and sophisticated outlook. On the other hand, cotton is an extremely comfortable and budget-friendly choice to make.
  1. Silent night, holy night.

    Your bedroom is a safe and private space. It is essential to reduce the noise in your bedroom to help fall asleep easily. Your body has the ability to stay subconsciously aware of the noises around you even when you are asleep. Prevent outside noise from entering in to ensure that you reach the deep levels of your sleep.
  1. The happiness of house plants.

    Plants have proven to increase your happiness and stimulate the feel-good hormones. They also make for great décor and help you feel calm, fresh and relaxed. The maintenance that goes into keeping the plant alive depends on the kind of plant you choose. You could choose anything from a blooming plant to a succulent that only requires very little watering. If you are not someone that likes the effort it takes to keep the plant alive, faux plants were made for you.
  1. Mirror Mirror on the wall.

    You can never go wrong with a good mirror. Whether you like a full-length statement mirror or multiple tiny ones, mirrors help add the aesthetics to your room. It helps with bouncing light around the room and plays with the lighting of the room. Just make sure to not hang it in a place that could reflect light directly at you while you are trying to fall asleep.
  1. Closets, Closets, Closets, Closets!

    No matter how much storage space you have, it’s never enough. It seems like an obvious choice but it helps immensely in decluttering your personal bedroom space. There are multiple ways to also save space while increasing storage. A storage space in your bed, a sliding door closet, a bench at the foot of the bed with storage are various ways to keep it spacious yet increase the space to organize your belongings.

A bedroom is your sanctuary and you can never have enough space. It’s important to use them as an aid to help promote your mental health, peace, and happiness.  It is necessary to take the time and effort to (re)organize and re(decorate) your room to optimize it. You can contact www.bpcdesign.in to help you convert your space into something you can call your home.


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